Russia Joins Dems to Fund Deep Sea Research for Oil


The house democrats kept this quiet for sometime, infact it was only by luck that we intercepted this story, about a well known Russian Oligarch, Rudolph Nearenov, a multi millionaire from the baltic coast, who has been holding court with the democrats, concerning the most dishonest deal the democrats have ever brokered. To steal oil from the Russian sea.

Nearenov, was a crime boss of the infamous, Sigue Sigue Sputnik crime gang of kalinka, in the 80’s and best friends of the Biden’s, who was said to have formulated a deal in the Ukraine ten years ago, to extract nearly half a billion barrels of crude out of the baltic sea. Then, sell it on the black market through an agent from the states and launder the money, in off shore shell accounts, straight into the clutches of the democrat party coffers. The crime boss is also a very close confidante of Vladimir Putin, which turns the whole Russian collusion attempt by the democrats on its head.

It seemed that the democrats was going to get away with it but, if it wasn’t for our diligence and eagle eyes this would’ve got passed the radar. We are proud to inform you the people, we the people, that our researchers have cracked a possible criminal act with an enemy of America, allegedly.

The operation was to make our oil market unstable, moreover, it was intended to be sold to our competitors for a third of the price of a barrel of oil. Then hash it into the stock market and fiddle the figures, hey presto you have the makings of a real live 007 movie. Where the evil democrats are the villains of the piece and we the people are the victims! In other words the democrats were to enrich themselves with the dirty money from the oil sales.

Nearenov, has been in direct contact with the Democratic Party and this we know is true, because we got too close to the deal and was near enough to glean info’ from the Russian gangster. Maybe too near was near enough? The Democratic Party was unwilling to talk to me, as I hung round the senate. Waiting for them to come out of session, then I was asked to leave. When I recited the constitution they laughed and told me “That doesn’t apply to us, we’re Democrats and we can do what the hell we like!”

To assume the democrats are for the people is to assume a snake is for the rabbit, until that rabbit gets eaten by the snake. But, the snake is not to blame, for he reminds me of the old age saying, “don’t tread on me.” The snake is a wily animal and we need to be careful of the democratic snake, who are normally in bed with the Russians and often as not sleeping with their enemies. Don’t get bitten by the democratic snakes. Not this time !



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