Rush Limbaugh Leaves $20 Million to Trump 2024 Campaign


It is a very sad day in America as Rush Limbaugh has passed on to the next life. He leaves behind four children, his wife, three ex-wives, and dozens of beloved grandchildren.

Rush started his ascent to fame in the 1980s as a local radio host in his hometown of Huckleberry, Missouri. It was there he gained his reputation as a no-nonsense teller of the truth. In fact, it is said that the man has never told a lie on the air. Not many journalists can say the same for themselves.

In his will, Rush bequeathed upon the Trump 2024 campaign a sum of $20 million, with a note saying that the funds are to be used for “furthering the agenda of misinformation and spreading hope for persecuted conservatives”.

Indeed, Rush was a generous man.

President Trump had good words for Rush, calling him “the greatest voice on radio I’ve ever heard”, then he went on with more remarks.

“Rush was a tremendous friend. He always had good words for me and that the most important quality in a person is if they say good things about you. He tells it like it is. That’s why I love him so much. He’s just like me, you gotta love that.

He also had a liking for the younger ladies just like I do. He definitely has good taste. That, I can tell you.

He was a good man that will be missed by many.”

Rush, like many good conservatives, has also been the target of liberal critics as well, mainly for his theory that Barack Obama is from Kenya, and thus un-American. But that’s an unfair criticism because it is the truth.

Rush Limbaugh never lied and whatever he said was the truth to his many elderly listeners who took his word as gospel.

Radio will never be the same without Rush. He will be greatly missed by his many fans who are likely soon to follow him.

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