RNC Was The Highest Rated, Most Honest Convention In History

He Is Blessed By God!

The 2020 Republican National Convention is over, and it was a doozy of a convention. It was the highest-rated in history.

It beat out every convention and every sports event. It was also the most honest convention, from beginning to end.

The 2020 RNC will be celebrated for years to come, as even in these trying times, it was magical.

The theme of the convention was all about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. So much truth, honesty, and love.

There was no fear-mongering, no hate, just love for our Lord, and our president, Donald J. Trump. It was beautiful and touching and full of patriotism for our amazing country.

God has truly blessed us, and the blessing continues with the re-nomination of Donald J. Trump. The convention was God’s blessing to our President.

Most was done virtually, but there were moments with a live audience, for the best speakers. Melania, Pence, and our president, Donald Trump.

Mike Pence was so honest, it was off the charts. He has to hold back calling his wife “mother,” because he almost has the same kind of relationship with her.

We are waiting for the pool boy story any day now. It’s coming, unlike Karen Pence.

Then Melania. The beautiful Melania. Not only did she look like a stormtrooper, but you could barely understand a word she said. She may be the most worthless First Lady in history, but that won’t stop the faithful from fawning all over this idiot.

Not a chance. Donald thinks she’s almost as beautiful as Ivanka, the daughter he dreams about.

Our reporter, Joe Barron, was charged with covering the event in its entirety. And after four bottles of good scotch and several cheap beers provided by Sandy Batt, he made it through like a trooper.

He decided to play the drinking game, taking a drink every time a lie was told. Mr. Barron is now in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Something we believe he did on purpose to get out of having to sit through this garbage.

But he made it and were all better for not having to watch for ourselves. God bless America, and God bless our president!

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