Rittenhouse Turns Down $10 Million Offer For His Rifle: ‘It’s Being Destroyed’

Kyle Rittenhouse says he’s had to turn down offers left and right for the gun he used in the shooting of three men during a BLM protest last year. A jury acquitted him of murder, and now, he’s petitioned the court to have the weapon destroyed.

According to his spokesman, Joe Barron, Kyle doesn’t want anyone to have the gun:

“Kyle doesn’t think it would be appropriate to have such a tragic trophy, and he doesn’t think anyone else should have it. either. The gun will be destroyed.”

Barron says the young man has received offers from dozens of collectors, most of whom “scared the bejesus” out of him, with the largest being $10 million. “Kyle didn’t want to turn the Trump brothers down,” said Barron, “but this was a bit weird, even for them.”

Don Jr. and Eric are said to want the gun with the “pedo body” on it so they can hunt the black rhino into extinction.

Rittenhouse will, instead, offer to sign other people’s guns with a silver Sharpie for $499 each. Signings will be held on Saturdays after he opens his new business, Kyle’s Medical Kits and Assault Rifles. He’s waiting for approval from the ATF as we speak to sell epi-pens and live rounds in the same location.

Rittenhouse received more than $4 million in donations, and after paying off the families of his victims quietly in the night with non-disclosure agreements, had just enough ledt over to rent a space in a strip mall in Kenosha right next to the new “Let’s Go Brandon” store.

We wish Kyle the best of luck in his endeavors.

God bless America.

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