Rittenhouse Makes Good On His Promise, Files Lawsuits Against Three Media Outlets

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stage at Turning Point USA, and the crowd went wild. After all, he is a hero. But that wasn’t the message he was there to convey, no.

The bright young man was there to talk about his 2nd-Amendment rights and how they saved his life, from 2 or more unarmed thugs. And he was there to talk about the mainstrem media.

Kyle told the smiling audience that the media would soon face accoiuntability, and again, they went wild. Young people from across America, absolutely enamoured with vigilante justice by a white guy.

And why not? Now that he’s been found innocent, he’s allowed to be whoever he wants and he can never be charged again. America truly is great.

Kyle’s lawyers walked into federal court in Lisbon, Tennessee this morning and filed defamation of character suits against CNN, NBC, and the Washington Post. Kyle insisted on it after Nicholas Sandmann, the kid with the “most punchable face in America” told him those three will settle without a fight.

In the end, Rittenhouse will end up a multi-millionaire, and he’ll always be considered a hero to the right. Hopefully, he’ll end up just as famous as George Zimmerman.

God bless America.

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