RGB Admits That Trump Is ‘Probably Right’ About Being Entitled To a 3rd Term

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is turning heads with a new revelation. She says that according to her research, there’s nothing to stop Donald Trump from attempting a third term in office.

Liberals across the country are already scrambling to figure out how to fix what they’re calling “a huge mess.”

Ginsburg reportedly told her clerks to prepare for what is sure to be a very public case once Trump wins. And, she says, he will win:

“Trump will sweep all 50 states. He’ll win every electoral vote. Then, he’ll be entitled to make his case for a third term. There’s nothing in the constitution that would stop him.

She’s right, too. The constitution says nothing about how many terms the President can serve. That’s in the Bill of Rights, which doesn’t work the same. If it did, the liberals wouldn’t keep attacking the 2nd Amendment and we’d be able to shut down the free speech crap in the 1st Amendment when they start saying things we disagree with.

So would it be legal? RGB’s own words say yes:

“Yes, absolutely. He can file a suit all he wants. Nothing can stop that. He’ll file in a state with unfriendly judges in hopes of taking it all the way to the Supreme Court, where we’ll have to make the final decision.”

And there you have it. Trump can ask the courts for a third term.

Would it work? No, probably not. Because while there is nothing on the books asking for a third term or running for a third term, nobody is actually “entitled” to serve one. If Trump were to run and win, he’d be forbidden from being sworn in and the next in the line of succession would take his place.

That might be a nifty way to get people to vote for Mike Pence, but let’s be real here. Does anyone really want him in the top job? We love Trump, patriots. If not Donald, then Donald Junior! Or Ivanka!

One way or the other, we need America as we know it to end and the era of Trump and loving hate to continue so we can keep owning the libs forever.

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