Republicans Filing Articles of Impeachment Against Chief Justice John Roberts

Hit the road, Jack!

Rampant corruption is being exposed in Washington as of late. From the Democrats, RINOs, and now even the Supreme Court, everyone seems to be compromised by the deep state. This is changing though, as Republicans are attempting to remove their ringleader, John Roberts, by impeachment.

This effort is being led by none other than Congressman Joe Barron, a strong advocate for the rule of law who seems to always be involved in current events.

Harry Helmet of the Dunning-Kruger Times interviewed Barron about his plans for impeachment:

“Well look, what we have here is a failure to communicate. This sort of thing cannot be allowed to go on. Justice Roberts is an enemy of the people, and as such, should be stripped of his position. If we allow this behavior, we don’t have a country under Trump, we would have a Democracy, which is not something we want since it sounds like the ord Democrat.

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That’s exactly what we want to hear. John Roberts has abused his position by going against his President. That sort of malfeasance can’t be tolerated in this country any longer.

The articles of Impeachment are scheduled to be filed sometime this week. Likely nothing will come of it, but it’s the thought that counts.

Hopefully, Roberts will be impeached and removed. Our future depends on it.

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