Report: Trump to Replace ‘Do Nothing’ Barr with Gowdy

will we get one more day in court?

President Trump has made it very clear that he is furious with Attorney General Bill Barr for sweeping the Hunter Biden investigation under the rug until after the election. AG Barr was hired to do the President’s bidding and it is clear that he failed on this important issue.

In a last-minute move that may open new avenues with the courts, President Trump is expected to replace AG Barr with Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy, a former Federal Prosecutor and Congressman from South Carolina, was the star of Republican efforts to get to the bottom of Benghazi and numerous other Clinton scandals.

Many people say that Gowdy’s Mad Dog style combined with evidence from the Hunter Biden scandal is exactly what we need to insure we get another day in court.

Fortunately, the US Constitution gives Trump “praeses adipem asinum” status, which allows him to demand a new court hearing under these conditions.

We expect that Attorney General Gowdy will take full advantage of this opportunity using the new evidence of scandal and a fresh, aggressive stance in the courts

Bill Barr was a lap dog who slept through two years of the Hunter Biden scandal. Some people are saying that Barr may be part of the Deep State, which has been focused on destroying President Trump from the beginning.

Other people are suggesting that Barr was bought and paid for by Soros or some other big liberal player who wants to destroy America.

Had the public been made aware of the scandal, conservative media outlets would have had time to investigate and determine Joe Biden’s level of involvement. We were deprived of that information and Bill Barr is directly responsible for the cover-up.

How many swing voters would have voted for President Trump had they known about the Biden scandal? Why would Barr hide this information and throw our President under the bus?

Will the courts demand a new election after all of the evidence is revealed?

One thing is for sure. A new court hearing will give Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and ACB an opportunity to prove that their loyalty is to President Trump and not to the Deep State, George Soros, or America.

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