Biden Gives “Rush’s” Medal of Freedom to Colin Kaepernick


Biden has very little respect for anyone who isn’t doing his bidding. And, that goes for people alive and, apparently, dead.

After news broke of Rush Limbaugh’s death, Joe Biden was outwardly distraught. At first, his staff thought he was sad about the passing of a fellow American. But, that wasn’t it.

Biden was concerned about being down one medal of freedom recipient.

“It is the law that we can have 147 LIVING Medal of Freedom winners. Rush was number 147. He has to be replaced IMMEDIATELY.”

So, before the man was even laid to rest, Biden had already picked out who would replace Rush as #147 — Colin Kaepernick.

The White House’s own Joe Barron said this on behalf of Biden:

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified or deserving of this award than Kaepernick. He is a trailblazer. He is a freedom fighter. He stands up, well, kneels, for what he believes is right. Agree or disagree with his tactics, he is truly what America is all about.”

Biden went on to say that he believes Kaepernick is a better American than Rush Limbaugh ever could have been, even if he hadn’t died so early in life. He likes people who are still alive and don’t just go off and die from things like lung cancer.

In an even bolder move, Biden has requested Rush’s medal be sent back to the White House where it can be cleaned (to remove all of the cancer germs) and then presented to Kaepernick in his own ceremony.

While it isn’t customary to repossess Medals of Honor, it seemed like the most inflammatory thing to say happened in this alternate universe where all of this is happening.

Kaepernick is thrilled to be honored in such a way, however, he is not thrilled with receiving Rush’s repossessed medal.

“Are we sure it isn’t cursed? Is he going to haunt me? Why can’t I get my own medal? Why’s it got to be his?”

Because that’s just how it is, Kap. Just how it is.

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