Remake Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark Will Feature A Black Indiana Jones

The truth is right in front of you

Once again, the leftist Hollywood crowd is intent on destroying a piece of classic cinema in an effort to appease special interest groups.

They are constantly producing remakes of our most loved TV shows and movies, newly cast with characters that are more “ethnic” or “sexually diverse.” Now they’re at it again.

Everyone’s favorite rescuer of antiquities and fighter of Nazis, Indiana Jones, will be resurrected soon for what producers call “an update on the original with an improvement in the lead.”

Few would say that Harrison Ford wasn’t absolutely perfect in the part, but apparently Hollywood disagrees. So how are they improving on Ford’s character? By casting an African-American actor in his role.

A look at the official cast list of the upcoming remake shows that Indiana Jones will be played by a man by the name of Joe Barron. Further research found absolutely no film credits to Barron’s name, indicating his newcomer status.

Now, maybe this guy is a phenomenal actor, but why mess with such an iconic movie in such a profound way?

Producer Trish Blake filled us in on the studios reasoning:

“Why the hell not? Are you racist? There are many black guys name Jones and I bet I can find a few named Indiana as well. There is absolutely no issue with changing the race of this character.

Barron is cool. I like him. You would too if your Klan-baked mind were capable of giving him a chance. But you won’t, will you? Well, guess what? His life matters! Haven’t you been paying attention to what’s going on outside? What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?! DIDN’T MOMMY AND DADDY SHOW YOU ENOUGH ATTENTION WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD?!

You’re just a Nazi, confederate, Trump loving, bigot.”

That last part is probably true of most of our readers, but we doubt they will make it this far down before sharing it.

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