Regis Left $20 Million to Trump Campaign

What a great man!

There are not many people in Hollywood who are worthy of our respect or admiration, but there are a few. Regis Philbin was one of those few.

Philbin passed away at the ripe age of 88. He leaves behind a legacy of an enormously successful career in film and television. His moments on the screen filled many with joy, his humor is always on point, never crass. He was always a gentleman just like President Trump.

He was also a lifelong conservative and republican, one of the few who was open about this in Hollywood and still managed to maintain a prominent role in the industry. He was proud of this and attributed it to his threats of lawsuits were he to be blacklisted as so many of his fellow conservatives in Hollywood have been.

It was this political blacklist that pushed him harder than ever to promote the Republican candidate for President in 2016, Donald J. Trump. He saw Trump as a savior, a man who would crush the liberals and their cancel culture. A man who would put in their place the Democrats who deny good Christian men and women jobs because of their politics.

An interview last year for Dunning-Kruger Magazine details his passion:

“We have never seen another man run for office with the skills and bravery of Donald Trump. This guy amazes me. He is truly amazing!

The Donald is a dashing gentleman, younger than myself, but with the morality and ideals of people from my generation. He’s gonna bring this country back! He said so! I have no reason to doubt him at all. I back this guy 192%.

In fact, my support for him will actually go beyond my life. I’ve never done this before, but I made a change to my will that will give a good chunk of my estate to his future campaigns. He needs to be back in 2020 to finish what he started. I hope I’m around to see it, but I am old so you never know. At least I will be able to rest in peace knowing that even in death, I still helped a man make America everything that it can be.”

Regis Philbin is another in a long line of celebrities and personalities who, after their recent deaths, have left enormous sums to the campaign to reelect Trump in 2020. We owe them all a great deal of respect and gratitude.

Rest In Peace, Regis. Your donation for Trump’s re-election has given your life meaning.

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