Video Shows Dems Installing Voting Machines at Border


In another undercover project taken on by conservative news investigator James O’Queef of Project Veritas, a group of Democrat lawmakers and their aides were caught on tape installing Obamatron model electronic voting machines at various key spots along the southern border.

The footage has been surrendered to border patrol and federal agencies for observation before any arrests are scheduled to be made.

These two unidentified individuals were spotted attempting to sell a machine in a nearby California marijuana dispensary.

Project Veritas is a crack squad of young activists, “douchefilmers” as they refer to themselves, who have been caught numerous times creating deceptive and edited videos in order to push their extremist agenda.  Remember the Planned Parenthood selling body parts?

That was the douchefilming crew.

Joe Barron of the FCC’s Department of Gullibility calls the video “highly questionable” in authenticity and blamed O’Queef’s lack of talent, intelligence, and moral integrity.

“This kid is a fraud, plain and simple, just like the President whose balls he’s trying desperately to snoggle. First of all, the footage in question was recorded over a commercial DVD clearly labelled ‘Melania in the Raw – Uncut II’.

Second, it’s supposedly filmed at the border, but the background noise indicates noises heard in an airplane hanger. Third, and most damning, the idiot included a special ‘Making Of’ bonus feature, literally presenting the fakery of the production and interviews with ‘special effects’ people. This guy is featured on the Sean Hannity show.

It’s only the purely dipshittedly handicapped of the conservative dumbass farm that is Fox News that could possibly believe this absolute nonsense. I think these people should be rounded up and shipped to Amazon centers and repackaged as extra large paperweights.”

“But not the Jew ones. I don’t want no Jews seein’ mah phone bill.”

Many who’ve seen the video believe that the criminal activity is focused on an endgame of harvesting votes from undocumented non-citizens for the upcoming election.

However, undocumented people cannot even register to vote.  No matter how many times anyone tells the trumptards this simple fact, it’s like trying to teach a baboon to build a space shuttle.

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