Probe Of Hunter Biden Laptop Yields Disturbing Pictures And Videos

It’s bad, folks!!!!!

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a treasure trove of information and dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden, and now everything in it is coming to light. The Laptop From Hell has been looked over thoroughly and it’s contents are now about to be public record, and this is bad news for all involved.

Hunter Biden did not want this out to hurt his father’s chances of being elected.

Ever since Rudy Giuliani found the laptop, the Bidens have been running scared from it. The information contained in it could take down many, and they know it.

How this laptop was so foolishly dropped off at a Trump supporter’s shop is all of Hunter Biden’s drunken doing. It’s not hard to do seeing as that most of the country is on the Trump Train and ready for Trump’s re-election.

The laptop contained tons of useful data, but nothing as damning as the pictures and videos contained in it.

Detective Joseph Barron and his partner the intrepid Clint Herzog went into the laptop with care, and both were shocked and disgusted at what they found. Nude pictures of Ernest Borgnine and Bea Arthur.

Thousands of them. The real kicker was the video of Rudy Giuliani masturbating furiously to the naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine.

“Everything I do has a moral to it.”

Herzog, who thought he had a stomach of steel, ran to the restroom with explosive vomiting.

Several videos of Rudy Giuliani in compromising positions were very prominently on the home screen of the computer. Even pictures of Giuliani with a Trump look alike, it was disturbing.

Nobody should have to see a 76-year-old man nude, not using a phallus pump. Giuliani should be convicted of crimes against humanity.

Even Mike Pence wasn’t spared, as the rumors of his attraction to other men proved to not be a rumor. Mike is apparently attracted to big men, 500 lbs plus, which would explain his love and admiration from trump.

These are a sick bunch, folks.

The other shocking discovery was Melania Trump took center stage in all of this. Texts, pictures, and love notes to Hunter Biden were found on the laptop. Melania professed her love to the younger Biden, calling Donald a fat disgusting blob, and hung like the fly that landed on the Vice President. 

This laptop has it all. Drugs, infidelity, disturbing images, and worst of all, absolutely nothing that could hurt Biden’s chances of defeating Donald Trump. Whatever shall we do!!!!!

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