President Trump Secretly Surprised Troops for Thanksgiving

He Totally Didn't Tweet About The Election All Day Long

While the liberal media was claiming that our president, Donald Trump, was golfing over the thanksgiving holiday, he was actually holding a massive rally in Afghanistan with our troops.

The president kept everything hush-hush, as it was his mission to serve our soldiers and not to create a spectacle for the bloodthirsty media.

The president hopped on a plane that only had four leather seats, a porta-potty, and a pilot, he was keeping everything a secret as to not alert anyone. The president, who is used to a life filled with luxury, passed on Air Force One and even his own luxurious planes, because in his words, “this is about our soldiers, not me.”

President Trump is selfless like that.  He knows that they, not him, are the most important. This man literally is the most selfless human being on the planet.

The no-frills plane, dubbed HardTurbo One, took off from Dulles Airport and stopped and refueled several times, mainly near Trump golfing properties where he could get the best deal on fuel, forgoing any military installations where fuel would literally have been free on the trip over.

Trump collected fees at the Trump golf properties as they spent the night at one of them, which was charged to the US taxpayers. This man literally knows the art of the deal!!!

When they finally landed at the undisclosed Air Force base in Afghanistan, there were literally tens of soldiers there to greet him. Most simply were walking by, others trying to hurry so they wouldn’t be forced into a photo op with the fat pig.

Then in a non socially distanced airport hanger, Trump ordered soldiers to attend his rally, where they were not treated to any turkey or stuffing, but Trump railing on about how he won bigly and it’s only a matter of time until the world sees.

Soldiers Joe Barron and Sandy Batt were in attendance, neither one of them happy about it.

“We’re trying to do a job over here and this idiot decides to have a rally where it’s mandatory to attend, and where’s the turkey???”

They exclaimed, irritated that the president couldn’t even to have been bothered to wipe the Big Mac special sauce off his face before coming on stage. The president brought with him a Mcdonald’s employee with a small grill so he could continue to stuff his face with fast food on his trip.

Almost as soon as he landed, he spit out conspiracies, and then pretended to thank them soldiers for their service, he was gone again, back on the plane almost happy, saying “I’ll never have to see those suckers and losers again!”  God bless America!

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