President Trump Reverses The Stand Down Order In Benghazi

The “stand-down order” that investigators, Congress, and reporters have all verified “never happened” has officially been reversed. That action allows the heroes of Benghazi to get their posthumous Medals of Diplomacy.

Director of the White House Office of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, told us:

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s actions that night have kept those poor families from displaying medals their loved ones earned. Now, because of the benevolent actions of our President, those men can finally rest in piece.”

The families of the victims are planning a trip to the Trump International in DC to thank the President for this great honor. The hotel has said it will waive the fees for their stay and instead bill the Federal Government. Because that in no way violates the Emoluments Clause.

President Trump says Melania will be available that weekend, and every other weekend, as he’ll be bust conducting national security business from the 9th hole at Bedminster. The League of Evangelicals will join Melania praying for them lost and re-affirming that President Trump is, in fact, as important to humanity as Christ himself.

The mainstream media is refusing to cover the event, but Fox, Breitbart and Canada’s Sky News will cover the whole thing.

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