Hmmm – Kamala Already Has President-Level Clearance


It’s a very hush hush secret theory that has been winding it’s way around the internet – The thought, shared only by independent thinkers who’ve viewed all the underground YouTube videos and done their research on Facebook investigative journalism pages run by people in the know, that the Democrats have been secretly preparing Kamala Harris to take over the office of the Presidency since day one.

On a similar note, Republicans have been grooming Rand Paul to be their personal fluffer since 2015.

But is it just more teabagger halfwit conspiracy nonsense that Trump’s cult of slobbering old monkey tits always seem to fall for because they’re gullible to a ridiculous fault, or believe that having a social media page means they’re suddenly privy to the most secrety secrets of secret America?

Joe Barron of the Queefington Psychiatric Journal of Dipshittery says that’s exactly the case.

“Trump’s Baggers think that because they have a button for YouTube and links from their friends on foreign-operated fake pages, that they’re somehow the only ones privy to ‘hidden information’ that no one else has cracked.  They often have the balls, when refuted for the crackpots they are, to urge anyone sane to : ‘Do their research.'”

“What this is is a desperate desire to be unique, to stand out as a genius who knows something no one else does.  These are videos made by nobodies with webcams who work as supermarket janitors and shitty writers on Facebook.  Believe me, I know.  This entire argument is being written by a shitty writer on Facebook.”

Journalist Fallis Gunnington published his first article on a jailbroken Tamagotchi.

Although there is absolutely no evidence that Vice President Kamala Harris has any sort of “presidential security clearance” in order to groom her to soon take the office, it wouldn’t even be a big deal if she did, since, again, she is the Vice President.

Many say that the Baby Boomer generation discovering the internet and social media has led to the glut and spread of irrational conspiracy garbage that normal thinking people are being forced to deal with in reality.  Remember that before you buy grandma her next cell phone.


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