Micheal Moore Claims He Has Trump/Russian Prostitute Video


As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Micheal Moore has courted quite a bit of controversy with his work.  His breakout hit “Roger and Me” played to the frustration of the middle-American blue-collar worker, “Bowling For Columbine” struck a critique against our country’s out of control gun culture, and “Farenheit 911” explored how the shameful foreign policy of the United States led to a terrible deadly attack.

Moore also made “Canadian Bacon”, a movie about America invading Canada. We needed the secret of how to sell milk in bags.

Today, Moore has been hard at work finishing up his latest film, “Imbecile In Charge”, an exploration of the amazingly inept and incompetent reign of President Trump and the collection of America’s slowest learners who follow him.

The big news, however, is that the director claims to have the infamous “Golden shower” video that some believed was fake, depicting Trump urinating on prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

The footage, which Moore has integrated into the upcoming doc is being described as “damning” by one conservative who’s seen it firsthand, Father Joeseph Barron of Virginia’s Uncledaddy Hills church.

“It’s very disturbing, to say the least.  When he first approached me, in fact, I was ready to vote Trump.  I just saw the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and I thought, yeah, sounds a little fishy, but I believed it because it fit my narrative.  I also thought the ‘pee pee tape’ accusations were false.

Now I know.  I’d much rather have Joe Biden than that sick, twisted monster.  I think what bothers me most is the so-called Christians who support Trump.  They aren’t any sort of Christians I’d even let within a hundred feet of my church.  As Jesus once said, ‘fuck that particular noise.'”

The documentary, scheduled to be released in the next few days is sure to shake up the already unsteady election.  Will hundreds of glassy-eyed trumptards be swayed even by watching the bulbous poisoner pissing on whore’s faces?

Probably not.  They’re really far gone.

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