Kamala Calls GOP Senator With Illness : ‘Worm’s Food’


President Trump’s campaign rally in Ocala, Florida recently, drew a large group of fans of the leader as well as hundreds of the racist and undereducated elderly.

Leading the President’s appearance was Georgia senator David Perdue, who faces a tough uphill battle with his Democratic challenger.

Perdue thought it would be amusing to lighten his speech with a kindergarten-style joke that the gathered crowd of shrunken-headed embarrassing grandparents would get a laugh from.

One out of every three residents of Ocala has passed away as you read this sentence.

Referring to Vice Presidential candidate Harris as “Kamala-mala-mala or whatever,” Perdue, whose own last name conjures images of clammy white-skinned chicken corpses, went on to describe nightmarish visions of “socialism”, and “amnesty”, neither of which is proposed by any candidate in the election.

Many speculate that the senator’s tragic affliction with the terminal illness “Flammicus Dickheadery” contributed to the “joke” that was only funny to smelly old people who take three hours to park their oldsmobiles and still collect Beanie Babies.

Harris issued a scathing response the next day to Sandy Batt of the Northern Ocala Queefhorse, which many claim went too far in rebuking the clearly handicapped southern coffin-shopper.

“Perdue?  I’m not really concerned what that old chunk of worm’s food really has to say.  I mean, he’s an old dented-head bumbletard from Georgia, isn’t he?  How long did it take him to drive his little golf cart all the way to Florida?

What did he do, take the Grim Reaper exit off of the Colostomy Bag turnpike?  You know, it’s getting tiresome to watch these mothballed boomers try to cling to power when they’ll be fertilizing dandelions in a few years.

Nobody wants your racist old philosophy nonsense anymore.  America has a smarter couple of generations after you.

Perdue can just putter on home and shit in a bag all day for all I care.  Kamala out.  That’s ‘Kamala’, numbnuts.  It’s six letters.”

Also six letters : “Cocane.”

Predictably, Perdue’s speech raised a million dollars for the GOP candidate.

However, nearly 90% of that figure was in coupons for local buffet restaurants.

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