Pelosi’s Family Asks Her Not To Come for Christmas Unless She Stops Drinking

Nancy Pelosi’s family has pleaded with her time and time again to get help for her drinking. Her church even asked her to stop coming, because she couldn’t manage to stay sober for even a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

now, according to sources close to the Pelosi family, they’ve asked her not to come for their Christmas celebration unless she promises to stop drinking at least a week before.

Nancy’s daughters, Penelope, Lucy, Joanne, Rachel, Wilhamena, and Clark, have all asked their mother to spare their children the embarrassment of seeing grandma drunk and passed out on the coffee table again.

The source, a maid named Jill Williamstein Fisk, has asked not to be identified for her own safety, as Nancy tends to spend a lot of time with Hillary Clinton. “Anyone would agree that I would be in danger,” she said.

The Pelosis have denied the report. Their official statement is that the family has decided not to have a big gathering because of Covid, so there’s no invitation to revoke:

“We don’t do the whole ‘scoff at science’ thing. We’re all vaccinated and boostered, but our mother will, of course, do her best to set an example and stay home, as will we all.”

Oh sure. Now she gets to use that as an excuse, like all the liberals, and she gets to stay home and get drunk to boot.

Good for you, Nancy. May your drunken adventures in 2022 be as magical as they have been in the past.

God Bless America.

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