Pelosi’s Dark Secret: Her Great-Grandfather Formed the KKK

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi has always had the look of someone who was trying to cover up a dark family secret. Sandy Batt of the International Inquisitor decided to look up Nancy Pelosi’s genealogy and discovered the very secret that she was trying to hide for so long.

Her great-grandfather was none other than Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and a prominent post-Civil War Democrat.

Batt explained her findings:

“She knew the whole time and has been living a complete lie. Eventually it drove her to drinking to cope with the stress. Now she’s drunk 24/7, yet the stupid people in the epicenter of Libtardia continue to vote her into office.

Nathan Bedford Forrest has some kind of twisted hero status to some. People are protesting the removal of his statues. If those people only knew the bloodline that started with him, they’d be trying to destroy these statues themselves. Things break a bit differently and he dies, we got no Pelosi.

100 percent his fault. Time to raise the pitchforks and tear all monuments dedicated to him down to the ground.”

Speaker Pelosi will continue to evade, deny, and flat out lie about her family’s lineage. The Democrats have always been the party of slavery, racism, and division. It took a Republican to unify the country and to put the Confederates in their place.

Any statue or monument dedicated to Democrats from the mid to late 1800s should be torn down to the ground. These “men” deserve no mention in our history and deserve no place of honor in our society.

Lucky for us, we have Donald Trump in our corner to go about destroying the Democratic party, past, present, and future.

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  1. STOP slandering General Forrest by 1. trying to tie this goddamned BITCH as a descendant of his. and 2. claiming Forrest “founded” the KKK. That is a FUCKING LIE!!!! Forrest did NOT found the KKK, nor did he ever join it. He was made an honorary member without his knowledge of consent by the five former Confederate officers who founded this evil organization in Pulaski, TN in December 1865. Get your fucking facts straight before you post BULLSHIT like this!!

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