Pelosi Trademarks ‘We the People,’ Will Charge $199 For Each Use

She can't really do that, can she?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has gotten rich in one way only — by stealing tax dollars from hard-working American patriots.

And now she’s gone one step further to line her pockets with money from real Americans: she has trademarked the phrase “We the people.”

This means that anyone using the phrase in written or oral discourse, online, in print, in skywriting, or by carrier pigeon, or in a video of a bearded cult member ranting in his truck, will have to pay her $199.

Every time!

She has already hired hundreds of media monitors who will search all platforms 24/7 for uses of the phrase “we the people.” Each time, her goons will automatically deduct $199 from the checking account, EBT card, or payday loan account of the offending user.

If they don’t have $199 in their account, she has the right to show up at their house and repossess their Confederate flag, their Trump MAGA hat, and anything else that’s completely worthless but that no self-respecting American should have in their home in any case.

Considering how often faux patriots post things like “We the people demand that Trump get a second term in office,” “We the people demand that Obama go to Gitmo,” or “We the people know that Biden lost,” the fines are going to add up — fast.

Pelosi’s aide, Sandy Batt, has announced that Pelosi will keep half of each $199 for her vodka supply and she’ll donate the other half to Democratic candidates who pledge to run on a platform of ridding America of anything and everything related to Trump.

The campaign slogan will be “Reclaiming ‘We the People'” and it’ll give a voice to the actual American patriots who respect the Constitution, think martial law is a thing that should never, ever happen in the United States, and who know that voter fraud is a myth.

She’s a real patriot, that Nancy Pelosi.

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