Pelosi Says New Surge is a Good Thing Because ‘It Means Fewer Republican Voters’

Everyone knows that Nancy Pelosi is an anti-American communist alcoholic who hates this country. And she proved that yet again when she was overhead this afternoon saying that the fourth surge of covid-19 is actually a good thing.

Why is it a good thing? Patriots, this is chilling. She said the fourth surge will result in fewer Republican voters. Louder, for those in the back: she’s saying that Republicans are going to die out in droves because of this fourth, completely avoidable surge.

Think about it. The majority of the unvaccinated idiots are Republicans who are ignoring actual science and instead getting medical “advice” from some woo-woo conspiracy-minded whackadoo on YouTube who says the vaccine will make you sterile, reprogram your DNA, turn you into a 5G cell tower, and make your dog piss on your favorite pillow before bed every night.

So, she’s not wrong.

Several prominent Republicans demanded Pelosi’s resignation after her comments hit the news. Joe Barron, a member of the Freedom Jackoffs Caucus and a first-term Congressman from Hogsballs, Arkansas, said, “Pelosi best git back home to Californee and stop all this jawing about Republicans dying of the virus. Republicans love freedom and we have the God-given right to get sick with a preventable virus and infect our families! We have the freedom to do what we want with our bodies (as long as we’re men and not pregnant, of course).”

Republicans spend most of their waking hours bleating about “freedumb” and “don’t trample muh rights” and other platitudes that make them feel all warm and fuzzy in their aggrieved parts. They want the freedom to stay at risk, the freedom to let the virus keep circulating and mutating, the freedom to drag this damn pandemic on so much longer than necessary…

To them, I say, “Let the spike protein do its thing and let Darwin sort them out.”

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