Pelosi Overheard: ‘They Really DO Love Trump, It’s Time for Me to Retire’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have been publicly and loudly declaring that their hero, Joe Biden, has won the election, despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary-contrary.

However, in private they are singing a much different tune, out of tune.

According to one leaker at a closed-door meeting with Democrats, Pelosi seemed to be distraught. When an aide asked what was wrong, the leaker overheard the following:

“Trump won the hearts of the people and it’s time for me to retire. I won’t be able to effectively govern with Trump in power. And it is clear the people have rebuked me by loving Trump so much. They really love him. I mean they even love him more than Trump loves raw dogging porn stars. I just can’t compete with that. It is for this reason that I will retire at the end of my term.”

This is clear evidence of voter fraud. We don’t know how exactly, but we know it is. She admitted Biden lost, so there is surely something there.

Republican Senator, Joe Barron, reacted to the news of this leak:

“This is great news! She is a loser that needs to get over it. Next, she’ll be demanding a recount and threatening lawsuits over fraud. She is truly crazy. She just needs to learn how to accept defeat. She’s only humiliating herself further.”

Pelosi has long been a drunken disgrace to America. Along with her kids, the Pelosi family has embarrassed America on the world stage. Her disrespectful ways definitely run in the family.

We may never know the truth about this election, but we do know that Pelosi and her merry band Democrat communists are corrupt and evil and will never tell the truth. Republicans are truthtellers and patriots. They love America*. This is the way.


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