Pelosi Launches COVID Aid Program for Illegals

why give money to illegals?

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can never get enough. Apparently, spending millions of dollars on welfare for Illegals is not good enough for her and her cronies in Congress.

Now, she’s found a way to give them more of our hard-earned tax dollars in the form of a COVID aid program.

Through some creative legal maneuvering, Pelosi found a way to redirect $1.2 Billion in U.S. Military Construction Funding to the COVID aid program for these illegals. The funding was originally approved for the construction of schools, playgrounds, and daycare centers at military bases. These facilities were to be used by the children of our military forces at home and abroad.

The program will provide $900 per week for any illegal who is an unemployed new arrival or is unable to work for any reason related to the COVID outbreak.

Our Staff Attorney Thomas Bagger has reviewed Pelosi’s plan and can find no legal recourse or path to stop this outrageous nonsense.

Our Congressional Correspondent Patricia Blake caught up with Pelosi during martini number four of her three-martini lunch, where the Speaker told us the following:

“Housekeepers, agricultural workers and meat packing plant workers are essential if we, as Americans, want to maintain our current lifestyle. These immigrants may not earn much while they are working but they work so hard.  They are out in the fields under the hot sun, or in our homes cleaning the toilets.

Illegal or not, the least we can do is pay them $22.50 per hour when they are laid off so they can put their feet up. Maybe they can take a vacation and enjoy themselves for once. If they catch the ‘Rona and can’t work, their families won’t have to worry about paying the bills while they recover and maybe they will have a little bit left over for something nice.

We need to make sure they are comfortable now if we expect them to provide for the gluttonous lifestyles of some Americans when this pandemic is over. They deserve it.

Waiter! Bring me another martini!”

What a colossal waste of money. What if President Trump’s crack legal counsel can’t find a way to stop this garbage? Is this even America anymore?

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