Pelosi Kills Stimulus Talks, ‘We Aren’t Passing It Until Social Security is Defunded’

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi cares nothing for the plight of suffering Americans, desperate for aid. She has stalled and stalled on the stimulus, never wanting to negotiate unless she gets her way. Now, she’s taken it a step further, threatening to kill the bill if social security isn’t defunded.

In an address to Congress, Pelosi ranted and raved about the social security program and how it said it’s a “wasteful program.”

The Democrats in attendance gave a standing ovation after that remark.

Here is an excerpt of her speech before Congress:

“We have a limited amount of money in the budget. We can’t pay for everything, so something has to be removed. The most important things are sending money to other countries so they like us.

Anything after that is optional. So social security has to go. These people don’t have much longer anyway, so why waste the money on them. Maybe it’ll even speed up their end if we cut them off.

Removing these leeches will definitely help the economy grow quicker than ever before.”

Republican Senator Joe Barron was quick to say his piece regarding Pelosi’s remarks:

“Unlike myself, my opponent wants an America where unstable nuclear regimes and overpaid CEOs can destroy our postage stamps.

I want an America where socialists and pharmaceutical companies cannot make a mockery of our right to use up the world’s resources.

I refuse to support an America where North Korean dictators and gays can undermine our love for Jesus.”

Joe Barron is absolutely correct. Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind and wants everything her way. She doesn’t want to take care of the American people at all.

Seniors have earned that money. Republicans want to take it away from them to give their corporate overlords.

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