Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic, ‘We Need to Steal Mail Ballots or We Will Lose’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats are the party of cheating. They have been caught time and time again attempting to rig elections.

Usually, this task is handled by underlings in the party so that the higher-ups have plausible deniability, but this time Nancy Pelosi herself was caught talking about the fraud Democrats are planning to perpetrate.

According to a recent report by our affiliates at the Dunning-Kruger Gazette, Pelosi was at a fundraiser believing that she was speaking off the record, however to her dismay, the nearby microphone was still on.

Here is a transcript of her remarks to other party officials:

“This has been a fun team-building event, but we need two steel mallets or we will lose the scavenger hunt. Let’s hurry up before Schumer’s team finds it and we lose. Remember what happened last year to the losers? Yeah, I don’t want to have to do that.”

Wisconsin Republicans prevented postponement of this year’s primary election and extension of mail-in voting despite the COVID-19 pandemic, then rigged the system so that only five of 180 polling sites were open in Milwaukee. Black and Hispanic voters were disproportionately affected but turned out in strong numbers in defiance of the GOP.

Last year in Ohio, two Republicans were charged with distributing phony sample ballots that officials say were designed to trick voters into believing they’d already cast genuine ballots.

These are all examples of the Democrat bastardization of our sacred electoral system and all found guilty of these criminal acts should be immediately arrested and their assets seized.

According to Republican Senator, Joe Barron, that is exactly what they intend to do, as they are already forming a committee to investigate nonexistent voter fraud.

They plan on catching thousands of Democrat fraud operatives and guarantee a Trump victory, even if such a task entails burning legitimate ballots in minority neighborhoods.

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