Pelosi Calls Trumpism a ‘Mental Disorder’

She's the crazy one!

Real Americans know that our dear leader, Donald J. Trump, is the best president in the history of the United States of America. But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the most un-American traitor in our government, has described Trumpism as a “mental disorder.”

How dare she!

Pelosi was speaking at a virtual fundraiser for the disabled kittens of homeless immigrant drug addicts when she went off-script and said,

“It’s really time for us coastal liberal elites to give up on trying to understand Trumpism. It’s a mental disorder. Let’s give up on conducting Cletus Safaris to the flyover states and the Deep South, and let’s just call Trumpists the brainwashed cult members that they are.”

Joe Barron, a spokesman for Knuckle-Draggers of Alabama for Trump, said,

“Nancy Pee-losi is just a drunken fool. We’re real Americans — the ONLY real Americans — and anyone who doesn’t salute their cardboard cutout of Trump first thing in the morning should be deported for treason.”

That’s not cultish at all. Nope.

It seems that Trump has tapped into a vein of hatred, racism, and nativism and made it OK to be a bigoted *sshole in public again. But hey, guess what? Anyone harboring those vile -isms is an un-American jackass.

Most people on the outside looking in at the Cult of Trump has wondered for years what makes them tick. My humble suggestion: just stop. Trump will leave the White House on January 20 — either willingly or kicking and screaming — and he will be nothing more than an impeached, one-term president with a loud mouth and an itchy Twitter finger.

The media should treat him like what he will be on January 20: a private citizen. Let him spout his nonsense to his mentally disordered followers on Twitter, and let the grownups fix the wreckage he leaves behind.

Good riddance.

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