Oregon Governor Orders Arrests Of Federal Agents Who Refuse To Leave The State

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump has had to send in the feds to liberal cities across America, as their leftist leaders refused to confront the violence and lawlessness erupting in their streets.

In fact, many of these Democrat leaders were encouraging the riots, hoping to make Trump look bad, however, their plan backfired, as federal troops have now taken control of their cities at the order of President Trump.

Now, these liberal loons are attempting to fight back, in an effort to save face. The most striking example of this is in Oregon, where Governor Joe Barron is threatening to use his state police to arrest any and all federal agents that do not comply with his order to vacate the state of Oregon by midnight.

This is what the governor had to say at his press conference:

“The Trump federal goon squad is not welcome in the state of Oregon. They are to disperse by midnight tonight, or they will be in violation of Oregon state law. We have state’s rights and will be enforcing them against a tyrannical government just as the Founders intended.

Any federal agents still in the state of Oregon on official Trumpian business after midnight tonight will be in violation of state law and immediately arrested by the Oregon State Police and our local National Guard which will be immediately mobilized. We will defend our rights at all costs.”

This sounds an awful lot like treason. Never before has a state declared that they have rights over the federal government. Any such state should be charged with treason and taken over by the American government. They need to be controlled.

What will the liberals do next? Fly their own flags of treason against the United States?

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