Biden Welcomes Migrant Caravan, ‘Come on In, We’re Open for Business!’

Welcome Wagon

Joe Biden has always put foreigners first over hardworking Americans. He has demonstrated this time and time again throughout his 47 years of failure in the Senate by constantly voting against the interests of the American people.

Now, he’s doing it once again as President.

Biden announced today that the growing migrant caravan headed to Texas is welcome to come to America, where they will be given free healthcare and jobs.

This caravan started in Brazil and has been growing in size as it goes on. It is now up to two million people.

“Come to America! All are welcome here now that we’re back open for business. We have millions of jobs available for you, free healthcare, free housing, and even food stamp benefits.

What’s not to love? We’ll even have some cars to give away. It’ll be like The Price is Right. America is great! Come on in and tell your friends!

This is the inclusive America that we all want. All are welcome. No questions asked. And most importantly, don’t forget to register to vote!”

These comments are deeply disturbing to anyone that is listening. Americans are unemployed in record numbers and Democrats want to hand out jobs like candy to foreigners. It’s clear they have no regard for the American people.

To top it all off, he wants to give these people free healthcare. Americans don’t even get that! How about Biden focus on giving us free health care before helping everyone else. We pay our taxes!

It’s time we put Americans first. Healthcare for all Americans, good-paying jobs for all Americans, and an end to wasting taxpayer money on excessive weapons of war. This is what Republicans are fighting for. Democrats hate Americans and don’t want us to have healthcare.

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