Omar’s Daughter Busted Shoplifting $20,000 Diamond Necklace

The truth is right in front of you

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say. Democrats are criminals, as they have shown us time and time again. They lack morality and hate the traditional American values that made this country great.

So how can one expect that their children will be any better? Children learn the values of their parents and those values are inevitably seen in the children’s behavior. The offspring of Democrats are doomed from the start.

We all know about the daughters of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Those children have found themselves in trouble with the law over and over again, a reflection of the horrid parenting they were subjected to. They are all rotten to the core, just like their parents.

We are now seeing the kind of monsters that Minnesota representative, Ilhan Omar, created in her home. All her children have been in repeated criminal trouble, the latest being an arrest of her daughter, Eileen Dover Omar, for the theft of a $20,000 necklace from a jewelry store.

Joe Barron, owner of Barron Jewelry, caught the Omar child red-handed and did not hesitate to press charges. He describes his own opinion of the child’s character:

“That kid has no respect. White and privileged, that’s what she is. The kid was born into the greatest country in the world and with the right skin tone. Her parents and her parent’s parents were born here so her family was established. She had everything laid out at her feet and still, she did this.

Pelosi’s children are nothing more than criminals. They keep getting in trouble and have done it again. Well, she chose the wrong guy to try to rip off. I’m gonna make sure she goes to jail.”

While the shop owner’s statement seems to refute our headline and the premise of this article, we are going to stick to our guns and say that Mr. Barron is a little bit nuts and did not realize that the child was that of Omar and he just assumed she was Nancy Pelosi’s offspring because of the constant trouble the Pelosi children are in.

We have, of course, made this all up, but I am working under the assumption that you’re unlikely to make it this far into the article to see how stupid and gullible you are.

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