Omar: ‘The President Of The United States Is A Domestic Terrorist’

The truth is right in front of you

The Democrats in our government are the most disrespectful officials this country has ever seen. The old saying goes, with reference to the president, that one should respect the office, if not the man.

Unlike Republicans with Obama, today’s Democrats do neither.

A perfect example of this type of dishonor for our nation’s leader was shown by Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar this week. She essentially referred to President Trump as an enemy of the nation.

Her exact words follow in the speech she made before the Mos Eisley Muftak Charity Ball in Matmata, New Mexico:

“This president is waging war on the American people. Whether it be through a virus that he allows to be running wildly, without restraint, or with the use of his own private police force to assault citizens on the streets of Portland, he has shown that he doesn’t care for the people at all.

We cannot allow centuries of democracy to disappear without a fight. I name the President, himself, for ordering the brutal attacks on the people of Portland. Their peaceful city is one of countless systems helpless against his oppressive rule.

This massacre is proof that our self-appointed Emperor, is little more than a lying executioner, imposing his tyranny under the pretense of security. We cannot allow this evil to stand. Our president is nothing more than a domestic terrorist.

I am Representative Ilhan Omar, I have been called a traitor for speaking out against a corrupt Senate. A Senate manipulated by the sinister tactics of the Emperor. For too long I have watched the heavy hand of the Empire strangle our liberties, stifling our freedoms in the name of ensuring our safety.

No longer! Despite Imperial threats, despite the Emperor himself, I have no fear as I take new action. For I am not alone. Beginning today we stand together as allies.

I may resign from the House to fight for you, not from the distant hall of politics but from the front lines. We will not rest until we bring an end to the Empire, until we restore our Republic! Are you with me?

This, my friends, this is our rebellion.”

Not only did Omar call the president a terrorist, which is simply an absurdity, she also seems to be speaking of sedition.

She has no place in our government and, if she truly wishes to overthrow the government, she has no place in our country.

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