Kerry Blames Trump for Chaos in Venezuela


Decorated war veteran John Kerry has achieved a lot of notoriety in his accomplishments, from his failed but notable run for the Presidency, to his greatly successful time as the Secretary of State.

His opinions are held in high regard among Washington pols and socialites due to his experience, wisdom, and foresight.

Kerry has also predicted that Wong will bang Captain Marvel in an upcoming Marvel movie. She is one lucky woman.

But some in conservative camps are crying foul at the long-faced liberal because of a series of statements he made to Joe Barron in an interview with popular pornographic trade magazine Ass And You Shall Receive.  

Kerry got into the subject of the dangers of socialism, and the go-to country of choice for conservatives who fail to understand anything about governments whatsoever, Venezuela.

“I see it being brought up all the time on Facebook, Venezuela.  Mostly by teabagger know-nothings who hold it up as an example of socialism gone bad.  Let me try to explain this.  Socialism isn’t the problem, any more than it is in France, Canada, Germany, or any of the other successful nations that have it. The problem is a dictator who abuses his power.

And it’s made worse by figures, specifically, Donald Trump, who encourage dictatorial behavior.  Duerte, Putin, Kim Jong Un.  These are all power-mad maniacs Trump influences by overreaching and breaking the law and not being held accountable for it.  He’s literally beaming at being the poster child for fascism.

The so-called ‘leader of the free world’ is responsible for providing an example of free-world leadership.  Trump is like the dumbest monkey climbing to the top of a barrel of shitchimps and having a blumpkin picnic.”

While the publication provided a disclaimer before the article, neither It, nor Mr. Barron, would respond for comment, citing a three-day-long commitment to binge-watch Resident Evil movies and drink alcohol when female private parts were shown unnecessarily onscreen.

First Lady Melania Trump has reportedly cited such as her main reason to star in the future reboot.

Is President Trump providing a bad example to the rest of the world and harming the globe as well as America?  That particular op-ed will be argued very soon at the voting booth.


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