Obama and Osama Seen Fishing Together in Hawaii

The truth is right in front of you

A pixelated, low-resolution image surfaced yesterday that shows the Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, with our other domestic terrorist, Barrack Hussein Obama. The image was verified by Rudy Guiliani’s law firm. What it shows in the image is Obama on a fishing trip with Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Daesh, who were having a few drinks in Waikiki.

This cannot stand, we the people!

Rudy says, “it’s clear proof that doesn’t need to be checked and, it’s only a matter of time before the two fugitives are arrested and charged with covering up the real truth about what happened to Bin Laden.”

The image, as we can see, shows OSAMA and OBAMA happily waiting for their boat to arrive so they can go, marlin fishing.

“As this is undeniably the two men, we are challenging the Democratic Party for a hearing about this,” Rudy added.

This could blow the whole assassination attempt on Osama Bin Laden by seal team 6 wide open and ask the question, why did the Obama administration tell such a lie in the first place?

The head of the FBI said, “this is just another Hunter/Biden revelation type story we need at the moment that we can rush through the tabloids.”

Rudy’s been on fire lately and he may need to slow down the evidence he’s been digging up, or we will be using the next four years, bringing everyone to court!

Obama was called by my publishing office but wasn’t in. However, someone with a thick middle-eastern accent answered and was unsure about why the conversation had anything to do with Obama anyway. I was told by this person,

“Look, what is up with your fake news anyway? You call about Obama when the picture was a lookalike convention in Waikiki in 2017. I’ve done other gigs tooI! I dressed up as a Llama in a police drama before I went as Osama. I’ve got a sag card and shit! I’m a professional, why would I want to mock the dead, I’m living the American dream!?”

I asked about the man to the right of him that, we the people, have evidence that this is the real Obama, his reply was telling,

“That’s Dave, he plays an Obama lookalike in Hawaii, we thought is was fun to have a shot together, taken for a holiday maker and I think it works to be honest. Dave plays the Obama, Trump usually hired to berate, after he’s been asked awkward questions by the press.

Dave, he funny guy and we laughed at the thought of Trump being really pissed about us in this picture. The Obama lookalike sees Trump once a week for his stress relief therapy.”

I wasn’t having any of it and when Ted Cruz and Lyndsey Graham get hold of the image (that’s obviously not a forgery) we will see the feathers fly on this one. Good work Rudy another day another dollar from the hands of the Librats.

Who are they fooling? “Facts don’t care about your feelings!”

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