NYT Editor Indicted After Illegal Publication Of Trump Tax Records

The massive scam that has been perpetuated by the media against our President never seems to end. The latest stunt involves the New York Times claiming that President Trump is a criminal that has been committing bank fraud in order to get illegitimate loans and skip out on federal taxes.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. President Trump is an excellent businessman who started his empire with nothing more than the clothes on his back.

The liberal elites looked down on him as they had everything given to them at an early age.

No person in the history of business has ever had so many successful businesses like Donald Trump. The record of success speaks for itself.

Just look at the following list of Trump’s successful ventures:

1. Trump Taj Mahal
2. Trump’s Castle
3. Trump Plaza Casinos
4. Trump Plaza Hotel
5. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts
6. Trump Entertainment Resorts
7. Trump Steaks
8. GoTrump
9. Trump Airlines
10. Trump Vodka
11. Trump Mortgage
12. Trump Magazine

You can’t argue with a record like that. Not even Bill Gates is as successful as Donald Trump.

He only started one lousy business called Microsoft or something like that. No one remembers that, but they surely remember Donald Trump and his great casinos and university.

It is for this reason that Joe Barron, NYT Editor, is being Indicted for lying about the President. As you can see by Trump’s successful record, all of the claims in the New York Times are bogus, and thus, illegal, as they are considered treason.

Attorney General, Bill Barr, has already filed the charges in federal court and Barron is facing between 10 and 40 years when he is convicted of speaking badly of our President.

This will send a message to the lying media. They can’t speak about our President unless they have something nice to say.

Or else, there will be consequences.

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