Psychiatric Journal Officially Classifies “Trump Support” as Mental Illness


You’ve probably heard or seen the phrase : “liberalism is a mental disorder”, coined by radio talk-show host Micheal Savage.  Savage, real-name Weiner, is indeed himself a doctor, although one of botany and his words can be taken with the same grain of salt as, say, a dented-head farm hand explaining how string theory works.

These people all believe Einstein was Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson.

The New England Journal of Psychiatric Blumpkinology, however, is a highly-accredited medical publication, not an overpaid old man screaming into a microphone.  Headed by the current Harvard University Chair of Modok, Joe Barron, it’s become an official diagnosis – supporting the former President, Donald Trump, is a severe mental illness.

Barron explained the findings to students during a lecture at Ankh Morpork’s Unseen Uniersity.

“The fawning and irrational beliefs and behaviors exhibited by these affected cult members have all the hallmarks of severe schizophrenic breaks with reality.  Coupled with the acceptance of obviously fantastical and, for lack of a better term, batshit fantasies of the ‘Q’ bumbletwats, there is no doubt at all that, as seen on June sixth, these people are dangers to themselves, others, and the United States in general.”

The professor continued, citing examples.

“We see these idiotic memes and pictures of Trump as some sort of macho figure, when he did nothing for four years but whine and cry like a pussy.  The mentally deficient still believe the election was somehow ‘rigged’, with not a shred of proof and only impossible X-Files talk to explain themselves.  They need to be locked up.”

The majority of psychiatric experts agree that unless a “deprogramming” therapy can be devised for the afflicted, lobotomization is not out of the question.

“If you have a family member, loved one, or close friend who is still a Trumpy bowl of fruit loops to this day,” the professor concluded, “Please do your best to have him or her committed to a hospital for the good of us all.”

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