NRA Sting: NY AG Seizes Member Files for Gun Owner Registry

isn't this universal registration?

The New York liberal gun-grabbers are at it again. It’s bad enough that the Attorney General’s goons have attacked our right to keep and bear arms by attacking the NRA. They have smeared the good name of our beloved and patriotic leader, Wayne LaPierre. Now, they want to come after NRA members nationwide.

As part of their “sting” operation, State Agents were seen hauling off a truckload of filing cabinets and computer servers said to be full of NRA membership and financial information. While the AG’s office will continue the investigation into the NRA’s finances, the NRA’s membership roster and other member records are being sent to another regulatory agency altogether. We attempted to contact the AG’s office to gather more information, but our calls have not yet been returned.

We asked our Statehouse Correspondent Art Tubolls to investigate the situation. After following several dead-end leads, Mr. Tubolls was granted an interview with Odouma Balzitch, Chief Deputy of the New York Bureau of Firearms Registration, Taxation and Confiscation, who gave us the following statement:

“Over the years, the NRA collected an incredible amount of information from their members. Information on weapons, ammo and accessories purchased with a NRA credit card or when an NRA membership discount was applied. Even complete lists of weapons owned by people who purchased insurance from the NRA. All of that data has been delivered to our office and it’s going to take us months to sift through all of it.

All current and former NRA members, regardless of their state of residence, will have this information entered into the State of New York’s Gun Owner Registry database. From the hollers of West Virginia to the Florida Panhandle, to the deserts of Arizona, if you are a current or former NRA member, we have reasonable cause to register you as a gun owner with the State of New York.”

Will these Gun Owner Registrations be shared with other states? With the federal government? Is this the first step to the gun confiscations we’ve long been warned about? Is it the beginning of the end of our beloved 2nd Amendment? Will this be checkmate for the NRA and patriotic gun-owning Americans?

They have called NRA members paranoid. Gullible fools. We’ll believe anything. Full of conspiracy theories. Downright nuts and outright morons.

When the truth finally comes out, we’ll see who has the last laugh.

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