Biden Refuses To Sit With Trump for Transition Photo


It’s a long-standing tradition of the modern Presidency : A triumphant, yet demure image recorded of the incoming and outgoing American leaders sitting down to shake hands during a peaceful and respectful transition of power after every election.  From the smiling faces of Ronald Reagan with Jimmy Carter, to the beloved figure of Barack Obama next to President Trump himself, it’s an assurance to citizens that power is being transferred safely and securely to the next commander in chief.

However, as we all know, this last four years of the Trump half-era has turned all political convention on it’s head.  The mentally troubled and dangerously America-hating grifter has, to this date, still not conceded his electoral loss to Joe Biden, and as a result of that atmosphere of schizophrenia and the attack by Trump’s supporters on the capitol this week, the Democrat has announced he will not appear anywhere “even near that disgusting fat traitor” for the photo, or anything else.

Mrs. Trump has offered to pose with Dr. Jill Biden if she can have her face reskinned 24 hours ahead.

White House press envoy Joe Barron from the New York Queef got a short statement from the President-elect, explaining his unorthodox decision.

“Look. I don’t know if you’ve watched the news for the last two months, let alone the last four years.  This guy Trump is a goddamn massive lunatic.  He’s never cared for anything but himself, let alone the country or it’s population.  Why would I want to be photographed with a failed un-American loser?  He’s indirectly responsible for more American deaths than the Vietnam conflict.  Add foir more, thanks to the riots of his animal throwback supporters.  Sorry, but no.  Even what’s left of his own staff doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.”

VP Mike Pence has already barricaded himself in the White House tool shed.

Administration officials say they “might opt” to use application software to “meld” the two together using seperate pictures in order to place something to remember the moment in the Library of Congress.  It’s the closest they’ll probably get to having Joe Biden acknowledge his inferior predecessor.

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