Dem Congress Bans Prayer in Public Parks, Streets


Now that the Democratic party holds the office of the President of the United States, and both the Houses of Congress and the Senate, they’re readying every project that they consider a “mandate” afforded them by the will of the people.

Under Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Congress has announced their first legislative bill for 2021 – BS-557 : A strict ban of any manner of prayer, proselytizing, or “open declaration of religious doctrine” in any public park or city street.

“It’s still okay to set up a table and sell purses made out of roadkill though, right?”

The bill is the brainchild of atheist congressman Joe Barron (D), Puerto Rico, who claims America is a secular nation, and that : “public yammering about Jesus, God, or whatever nonsense” is in violation of Constitutional requirements to seperate the workings of church and state.

Barron also wants “In God We Trust” removed from money and churches to be labeled with “Satire” labels like this very page.

Thespian and blue-balls enthusiast Kirk Cameron reacted to the news of the bill in an interview with I’m In A Whorehouse With Jesus magazine.

“You see?  This is the ungodly Democratic left outwardly oppressing the word of the Lord and his followers.  It’s a naked jab at Republicans who are so holy, they bow to a lifelong atheist con man who cheated on all of his wives, threw children in cages until they died, and blasphemes on a regular basis.  The constitution may not say it, but this is God’s country.  U-2 said it.  And who are they if not the voice of God?  Bono Vox means “beautiful voice.”  You know what “Kirk Cameron” means?  “Unused penis.”  And I feel so blessed for that.”

Cameron was hospitalized last month after seeing an unfamiliar woman’s breast on an HBO program.

The bill is expected to clear both houses and become law early this January.   I guess for some obnoxious Jesus freak conservatives who suddenly became religious when the President became black, it’s time for a shutting up of the mouth hole.

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