NFL Removing Stars From Logo To ‘Distance The League From Controversial Flag’

The Unspangled Banner

The National Football League has been becoming less and less for America with every passing season. Ever since Colin Kaepernick first began his practice of disrespect for our flag and our veterans through his kneeling, the league has slowly and entirely been joining his way of thinking.

They have now stricken from the rulebook players not being allowed to kneel during the anthem, and they’re not done yet. They are targeting the symbol of American freedom: our beloved flag, the stars, and stripes.

NFL executives have announced a change to the league’s logo. Traditionally, the logo was not only colored in red, white, and blue, just as our flag is, but it featured stars at its top to further liken it to our nation’s emblem.

Now the league is changing that up. The new logo for next season will not have any stars at all and will feature a plain black and white color scheme.

NFL Executive Vice-President of Marketing, Joe Barron, explained why the league is going forward with this controversial move:

“Obviously the American flag is a source of controversy. To many, it symbolizes racism and oppression.

And we agree.

That’s why, starting next season, the NFL will be removing the stars and colors from the logo in order to distance ourselves from the symbol of long-standing American Bigotry. It’s a simple move, and yes, it is largely symbolic, but we will do what we can to help BLM and all that they do. Black lives do matter, especially if they play in the NFL.“

This decision will undoubtedly further alienate the National Football League from its fans, none of whom agree with kneeling or the BLM movement. The conservative boycotts of the past few years have already hurt the league bigly. The impact of this garbage will finish the job.

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