Newsmax to Fox News: ‘Your Biggest Mistake Was Snubbing Trump’

The truth is right in front of you

Newsmax is the newest media site for proud Americans and their actions is making it apparent, why. As the FBI held a news conference, Fox news aired it and completely shunned the president.

This is a big mistake. BIG. Yuge! Of course, this is why the station will soon flip the script and start patronizing the leftists. Fox News doesn’t care about conservatives.

Kanye West totally deserved the VMA over Ta-Ta. “Love Lockdown” alone was a major bop.

Trump spoke from the border wall, proudly speaking about his fictitious accomplishments and giving false hope to undeserving “patriots.”

Fox News executives had this to say:

“While Trump danced around on stage to “YMCA” like Elaine on Seinfield, we were busy showing a press conference of actual importance. Rather than air the president’s circle jerk about a quarter of the wall he promised, we decided it was no longer in our best interest to back him.”

Newsmax was eager to hop on the hind teat to try to get ahead. Because that’s how that works now. Don’t question it.

Newsmax told the Jitterbug Gazette that Trump is the greatest thing to ever happen to them.

“This president has activated and empowered stupid people like no one ever has. My gosh the money we can make from this. My Pillow guy is beating down our door wanting to purchase millions of dollars in advertising. Silver? OMG the silver people are spinning trying to sign a deal.

And, that doesn’t even touch on the millions we stand to make on underpants for bladder and anal leakage. That’s where the big money is at.”

That’s fine. Fox will undoubtedly miss the advertising revenue from Time Life Music collections and Franklin Mint Civil War chess sets.

Sorry Fox, you lose. Even more than that Ted Turner guy’s station.

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