NewsMax Proves To Be A Deep State Trojan Horse

The truth is right there in front of you

Newsmax, the news channel that patriotic Trump supporters went to after Fox turned on them, has turned out to be a deep state Trojan horse. While they put on a good front to court the Trump base, they too, have sided with Biden in the election steal.

More fake news from the media elites who refuse to acknowledge the greatness that is our president and his big win.

There was a time when Donald Trump was thinking of acquiring NewsMax to have a place for true patriots to get their information from, without fear or favor. True, right to the point and not backing down from the liberal elites was how NewsMax presented itself.

It sold itself on it could be where the most patriotic Americans could go to really know what’s going on in this country and our government. But the Soros machine apparently proves to be too much.

NewsMax viewers are starting to pick up on that now. They’re leaving for OANN and random people on YouTube that also have no clue and will play to their confirmation biases. True patriots don’t want actual news. They want to hear that Trump will be president for life and all liberals are going to jail.

How dare NewsMax forget the mission that the Trump base gave them? Even the mere mention that Trump may have lost the election is VERBOTEN. And the true potatoriot will vote with their remote controls.

They will be switching their TVs over to OANN. Good thing about that whole voting by remote thing because getting off the couch isn’t part of their game plan. Being old and woefully out of shape, except for trips to Walmart where they’ll sit their giant unwashed ass on a scooter is pretty much all they want to do.

And God bless them for that. Having to deal with these derelicts in society on a daily basis would be exhausting.

Former Fox News and NewsMax watcher Joe Barron said it best.

“If they isn’t willin’ to worship at the alter of Trump, I ain’t watchin’. I ain’t usin’ my social security money to pay for cable tv to hear crap that I don’t want to!” 

God bless you, Joe.

Finally, true Americana gibberish that needs to be heard. We the people have spoken, and it’s time for the deep state to listen!

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