Biden Reveals New Flag With 52 Stars


As wise men once said, it’s all over but the crying.  And there sure is a lot of that going around as one by one, Donald Trump’s lawsuits, recounts, and challenges bring absolutely zero evidence or serious argument against Joe Biden being the next President of the United States.

“But I read on the Facebooks that the Supreme Court will just outlaw the word ‘Pennsylvania!'”

Whether you believe that Dominion is an evil “Cyberdine”-like company controlled by Soros and Darth Vader, or that the hundreds of thousands of election monitors couldn’t see ninety-seven million people voting, we’re sorry to again inform you that it’s over and Biden won.  Snowflakes.

And one of the plans the Democrats have in store for us is the addition of two States, giving them four more senators.  The lomg-discussed idea to give statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico is about to become a reality.

The President elect unfurled what will become the brand new flag representing the United States last weekend at Joe Barron’s Museum of Pelosi Ice Cream Flavors in San Francisco, California.  To be forever known as the “Old Joe’s Glory”, it’s basically the same flag with two additional stars.

The unveiling of the symbol will occur officially in May of next year after both New States are welcomed and ratified in their entirety at a ceremony in front of the White House.  Boosted security will be on hand for the event in case of triggered and maniacal Trumptards who legendarily destroyed television sets when they switched Darrens on “Bewitched”, and explosively defecated when touch tone telephones were introduced.

Let’s not even mention the day Graham came into the Senate with little personalized doilies for everyone.

Both states will immediately appoint their senators at the statehood declaration, all expected to be Democratic, thereby changing the makeup of the House and paving the way to a bright new socialist agenda.

Thank God that former President Barack Obama left behind a large usable assortment of Fema camps to hold those throwbacks who can’t accept that change is a part of life.  God bless America and President Biden.  Adios Senor peluca.

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