New Biden Plan Doesn’t Raise Taxes – It Taxes Your Bank Account

"Come on. A dollar fifty more and I'll have TWO teeth."

Joe Biden is not happy that a member of his own party destroyed his dumb plans to improve our roads and bridges at the expense of our grandchildren’s bank accounts. Now, to make himself feel better, he’s coming after ours.

According to sources close to the Biden tax team, Biden is proposing taxing regular Americans where it will hit them the most: Their bank accounts.

We already have taxes on our income and the things we buy, the gas we use, and all kinds of other stuff. Now they want to tax our money, too? It’s ridiculous.

If you don’t want to pay this silly tax, pick up the phone and call the White House Complaint Line at:

‪(202) 643-3059‬

Tell that insane man that he needs to stop messing with our freedoms, and anything else you might like to say.

Our White House correspondent, Joe Barron, says Jen Psaki was very elusive when talking about this issue. “It’s like she had no idea it was happening,” said Barron, “and that’s pretty scary.”

Psaki and the West Wing’s stance on the report is that interest income has always been taxable, isn’t being raised, lowered, or otherwise, and that none of this makes any sense. “As a matter of fact,” said Psaki, “who the hell are you people?”

We made a quick exit before the Mainstream Media grabbed us and turned us into the next red hat kid, patriots, but it was a close call.

Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near closer to the truth we were hoping for.

God bless America.

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