NBC Suspends Savannah Guthrie for Presidential Harassment Investigation

How dare this woman be so rude to our president?

The president and CEO of NBC News has suspended Savannah Guthrie after her horrendous treatment of the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, in a televised town hall.

Guthrie was incredibly rude and aggressive, and Joe Barron, the President and CEO of NBC News, is furious.

In addition to being rude and aggressive, Guthrie was also blatantly truthful and female — two qualities that always anger impeached President Trump.

How dare this woman question him when he lied, lied again, told some more lies, and then lied about lying?

She was having none of his bullsh*t. She called him on his repeated lies, and tried — mostly in vain — to get him to answer questions truthfully. It didn’t work.

And now she’s paying the price. Joe Barron has suspended her and vowed to pull the Today Show — its highest-rated show and the network’s largest revenue generator — while the network investigates Guthrie for being a big meanie and hurting Trump’s precious fee-fees.

Guthrie, a former attorney, and all-around badass, is said to be suing the network for breach of contract.

“They hired me to ask tough questions, and I asked tough questions. The president is a butthurt, lying little tyrant who refuses to tell the truth. Actually, after his pathetic performance at the town hall, I don’t even think he’s smart enough to know what the truth is at all — he just makes stuff up and tries to appeal to his knuckle-dragging base,” Guthrie said to a reporter this morning.

Trump has already tweeted out his response to Guthrie’s suspension: “She was so horrible to me. So horrible. It’s like she wanted to force me to tell the truth or something. Such a horrible woman. Not very attractive, either. Horrible.”

The Today show will air re-runs for the first time in its history while the investigation is in process. Conveniently enough, it should wrap up on November 4.

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