NBA Makes It Official, ‘No Games Until Police Are Defunded’

The truth is right in front of you

The NBA seems to have followed the example of the NFL and Antifa by supporting the radical leftist agenda of equal rights. All NBA teams are threatening to not play anymore until the police are totally and completely defunded and abolished.

NBA Spokesman, Joe Barron, issued the following press release regarding the NBA’s stance on the issue:

“Wait, where did you hear that from? They were just raising awareness by skipping a playoff game. And who said anything about defunding anything?

Who? Oh, so you’re going to believe Alex Jones over me? I literally work for the NBA and I’m telling you that none of this is happening. Quit making crap up.

Oh, so now you’re calling me a liar? Well l, get your ass over here and say that to my face you loser.”

That was the end of the transcript as our journalist got into an altercation with the NBA spokesman and was immediately arrested and put in jail for assaulting the spokesman. We are sure it was all just a misunderstanding and everything will be worked out.

As of now, we don’t have the funds to pay his bail, so we will have to wait until he gets out to get the rest of the story, and as such, can’t comment further on this particular story.

More details will be released as we get more information.

For now, we can say this – the NBA is an un-American disgrace and all of its players need to shut up and play. Or don’t play.

We don’t really care either way since we didn’t watch basketball anyway. But it makes us seem tough to act like we’re boycotting something we didn’t watch to begin with, so keep it up, patriots!

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