Biden ‘Gaffes’ Again – Calls Ivanka : ‘Trump’s Wife’


One of the more glaring problems the Democrats have always has with their now Presidential candidate Joe Biden, is his predilection for accidentally putting his foot in his mouth, an affectation referred to cutely as a “gaffe.”  He’s had no shortage of them this election season, and let loose with another doozy at a fundraiser last week, when he claimed he’d be ready, willing, and able to evict the current First Couple from 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, remarking that : “Donald Trump and his wife Ivanka will just have to find a cheap motel somewhere.”

This one has a cigarette machine with a little stool so you can send the kids out on a smoke run.

In its typical fashion, the liberal media has simply chuckled it’s way over what little coverage they’ve provided, referring to the disgusting insult as : “An adorable, yet, appropriate slip of the tongue, no pun intended” (CNN’s Andrew Cuomo), and : “A minor flub, just like we’ve all heard him do before.  Hilarious, actually.” (Joe Barron of MSNBC.)

Other more important figures have weighed in on the controversy and aren’t as amused.  For one, Kentucky Governor Eaton Plumpynuts who gave an angry rebute to Sean Hannity this afternoon.

“Insinuating that Mr. Trump’s romantic involvement with his daughter is anything less than normal is a grave insult to all good old fashioned southern Kentuckians.  Mr. Biden shouldn’t count on the votes of our one-eyed swamp-families or our flipper-handed moonshine militias, no sir!”

“And you can forget about Ricky Skaggs signing you any autographs. He’s alive still, right?”

Some pundits, notably many of the bargain basement second banana phonies on alternate reality network OAN believe the so-called “gaffe” was on purpose, in order to riff on the persistent rumor that Trump and his daughter are uncomfortably close.  A rumor supported on many occasions by the morbidly obese commander in-stupid himself.  Whatever the case may be, experts are predicting that mistakes like these won’t do anything except help Biden’s campaign.  That sounds like we might be hearing a lot more Freudian slips from an East coaster with plenty of senior moments.