Trump’s School Teacher Blasts Him on CNN


In what turned out to become a steadily contentious interview on news network CNN this week with President Trump’s former high school special-education instructor Cambridge Hand, personal opinions flew off the rails and became a viral event.

Host Don Lemon quickly moved to a commercial break at one point to reorganize the chaos.

“Quick! Just switch to stock footage of the Beaver! Everyone loves the Beaver!”

The educator, who is a well-respected figure at several well-known American institutions including Shermer High School, Ridgemont, and Sandy Batt Academy, told viewers outright that Trump had both behavioral and intelligence problems, and that the office of the Presidency was the most dangerous place he could imagine for the morbidly obese con man.

“He would sit in my class in the back because he didn’t have any friends.  All the other students knew he was a raging psychopath even back then.  I have never seen a dumber or more filthy example of teenaged shit-mutation in all of my life.  I never once even saw him open a book, and he soiled himself daily.

I threw him out of the room numerous times for harassing female classmates and exposing himself.  The only reason he wasn’t expelled is that his father was paying the principal off to keep him out of that military school that didn’t want him either.

If I was making a movie about Donald Trump and needed someone to play him, I’d first look for footage of a young Charles Manson, and failing that, just put a dead hyena wig on top of that pig from ‘Babe.’  Spitting image.”

The interview was the first in a series, with the host welcoming other Trump tutors Gabriel Kotter, Mark Cooper, and Ralph Hinkley to appear all week leading up to the 2020 election.

“Uh, let’s make this quick, Don, I have to comically stumble into a human trafficking ring for Q. I mean Bill. Oops.”

Is the, as some opine, “leftist” network playing dirty pool by calling out the people who have experienced Trump’s incompetent stupidity first Hand?

Or is it just another price to pay to get through to his cult of morons that they’ve made a yuge mistake?

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