Fox to Debut Micheal Moore Show in January


The Fox News network has been accused of a lot of things.  Since it’s conception, the political left has labeled it a propaganda network for radical right-wing ideology and, most recently, a gleeful mouthpiece for President Trump.

It’s had a difficult time proving itself worthy of the slogan: “Fair and Balanced.”

Although Roger Ailes’s original tag line was “Groping Me Some Broads.”

Now, with Joe Biden’s election victory and a change in ownership placing them under the Disney umbrella, the network is being accused of fawning to a more liberal bias, with some hosts daring to openly question the President’s decisions as if they were employed in genuine journalism.

Looking at you, Chris Wallace, you snowflake Tide-podder.

Sandy Batt, director of Fox News’s Hannity Fluffing Department, shed some light on why the station was bringing on Democrat hero Micheal Moore and why their attitude was changing.

“Fox News is a business, let’s get that out of the way.  It’s purpose is, and always has been, to make a commercial profit.  When Bush was in office, they did it by supporting his violent and unnecessary wars because war coverage is pure profit.

With Clinton and Obama, they spent 16 years bashing them to the delight of their mostly over-70 audience to make them feel as if they weren’t stupid.  And it worked.  That’s why they’re number one.  Old people like to hear how wise they are, even while they’re pooping themselves and voting for morons.  Like Trump.

They made plenty of money licking his balls no matter how crazy he got.  Now it’s time to go back to bashing again, and for that, you need villains.  Moore will certainly serve as that for the oatmeal brigades.”

In 2019, more grandmas passed away watching Tucker Carlson than while eating marked-down day-old supermarket cheesecake.

Moore’s program, titled: “Bowling for Arthritus” will be geared towards Fox’s key audience and air on weeknights at 7 p.m.  Is this the sort of move that’s driving patriots to shitnetworks like OAN and Newsmax?  Of course.  They’re easily duped stumbling dickheads.

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