Millions Of Conservatives Leave Fox News For Newsmax, OANN

The truth is right there in front of you

Patriotic conservative Americans have had it and they’re voting with their remote controls. Trump-supporting Americans have been leaving Fox News in droves for, for lack of a better term, redder pastures.

Fox News is proving to be CNN light as they’ve abandoned President Donald Trump and his battle against fake news.

News outlets such as OANN and Newsmax have been taking the place of the formerly Trump-friendly Fox News, with viewers making the switch to the more conservative networks. The programming on the respective networks is more tuned towards conservatives who support our great president and will tell them the truth they want to hear with no holds barred, while Fox forgot where their bread is buttered.

Fox has been comfortable too long in the top spot for conservatives. They’ve taken it for granted. They’ve forgotten that the conservatives mean business. You must toe the line, no matter what. They’ll accept nothing less.

The bullshit must be crisp, clear, and void of any actual facts or common sense. That’s right. They need to be lied to. Confirm what they believe, no matter how unbelievable it may be! NewsMax and OANN are more than happy to fill the void for the willfully factually challenged.

Joe Barron, an Idaho native, and long time Fox News viewer, he had enough. Fox wasn’t telling him what he wanted to hear. The line of bullshit he was being fed wasn’t bullshitty enough.  It was unfair.

Then Joe discovered NewsMax, whose president said right on camera, in front of other people, that yes, of course, they lie. Of course, they’re selling their viewers a Bill of goods just to appease them. 

It’s no different than the stupid people who get their information from some random nitwit on YouTube that feeds into their confirmation bias that they’ll share with their equally clueless friends as if it makes any sense. Because everyone is going to sit through a 45-minute diatribe from a nudnik without a high school diploma.

But this is what true trump voting potatoriotic Americans want and yearn for. Someone to vie for them, to pretend the line of garbage they’ve been fed actually makes sense and that trump will be king and ascend to heaven to take his rightful place next to Jesus.

Because, in the Trump supporters’ minds, everyone else is lying, except for the like three dudes on YouTube and some manically crazy broad on OANN. And they know. Their cable box on channel 6567 told them so. God bless America!

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