Michigan Judge Hands Trump a Huge Win

A patriotic judge in the contested state of Michigan has just cleared the way for Trump to take a case all the way back to the Supreme Court.

In a ruling that states, “The reportedly undetectable voter fraud, in this case, is so unusual that it deserves to be looked into, which means the results of the entire election are null and void under article 4 section 8 subsection 193 of US Title 12 code.”

What does that mean? It means that even though there may be nothing there, this judge from a town on the Canadian border on the upper peninsula just cleared the way for appeals that could lead back to the big game, where surely they’d have to take the Title 12 code into consideration.

A spokesman for the court said that judge Cletus B. Umpkin handles their traffic cases and civil disputes and was quickly overturned by the actual judge in the next room.

That means that the appeals process can begin. Next stop: the County Seat!

The White House is elated at the news and is expected to send out another round of fundraising emails to fatten the coffers of the president’s leadership PAC so he can spend the next four years campaigning to bring chaos and freedom back to America.

Until then, I guess we’re back to saying “Happy Holidays.” It’s really a shame.

Democrats don’t seem to be taking the ruling seriously at all. The Biden team sent an email that just said, “meh.” It may be because the ruling is based on a statute that doesn’t exist. Our legal analysts are working the case now.

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